2 Options For Deck Conversions

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Decks can be an excellent way to add value and functionality to your home, but they are a significant investment. Additionally, adding a deck to an existing home can alter its appearance and lead to issues if the new deck isn't attached correctly. Converting an existing feature into a deck can sometimes be a more cost-effective option, and it may also help create a more seamless appearance.

While you can add a deck to any home, here are two options for conversions that will allow you to upgrade your home while making the most of what you already have.

1. Upgrade a Concrete Porch

If your home has a concrete porch, then upgrading it to a wooden (or composite) deck can make your home more attractive and inviting while ultimately increasing its resale value. Re-covering an old porch will typically require less work and expense than starting from scratch, but there are still several considerations you'll need to keep in mind.

Most importantly, your old porch will need to be level to accept the new decking. Concrete can settle over time, which may necessitate the use of risers or supports to provide a level surface. Once leveled, your contractor will install battens before installing the final decking on top. You can also choose to expand the wood portion of your deck beyond the edges of your old porch.

2. Turn a Patio Into a Deck

Old patios are unsightly and may even be challenging to use if they are severely cracked or sagging. As in the case of a concrete porch, installing a deck directly on top of your patio will usually save you some time, money, and effort. Most of the prep work will involve shoring up the old surface by dealing with areas where water can infiltrate the patio.

Your contractor will be able to attach sleepers directly to the existing patio, which will make the process easier than installing a deck that requires additional supports. The only significant concern during this stage will be any imperfections or slopes in your patio. In most cases, a skilled contractor should be able to work around these problems by using spacers between the sleepers and the existing surface.

Working with your home's existing design may be one of the fastest and easiest ways to add a new deck. By taking advantage of a porch or patio that you already have, you'll end up with a deck that matches your house's style without spending a fortune in the process. Contact a deck contractor for more information. 


28 December 2020

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