How To Locate The Laundry Room In Your Custom Home

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When you make plans for a custom home, your laundry room may not be the first order of business. However, you should give it some thought. The room is an important space. Depending on the size of your family, you or your partner may spend a lot of time there. It may even become a family affair. An important consideration is the location of the laundry room.

Brainstorm Laundry Needs

Your first step is to consider all your laundry needs, which will depend largely on family size. Think about how often you need to do laundry in a week. The more often you do laundry, the more accessible to the rest of the house the room needs to be. So, if you do laundry most days, a basement laundry room is not ideal.

It's important to note if you have special laundry needs. For example, are you or your family members active in sports that result in wet or soiled clothing? If so, you might want the laundry room to be close to a back door. This location is also good if you plan to hang a lot of clothes outside.

Tap Into Existing Utilities

As you plan the location, you want to be able to tap into utilities that will go in anyway. You obviously need plumbing for the washer and electricity for both. Additionally, the washer needs a drain system. The dryer needs a duct. If you can locate the room near another space that needs plumbing and venting, the design task will be easier.

According to Home Advisor, you should plan ahead of time where you're going to put the washer and dryer. You need hot and cold water lines and that drain for the washer. You also need a 30 amp 4-wire circuit for the dryer. None of those utilities are easy to move if you decide to put your appliances on the other side of the room.

Consider Typical Locations

One of the most common locations for the laundry room is just off the kitchen. The benefit is you can tap into the kitchen plumbing and venting. The room can also double as a pantry. However, that location might put the laundry room far away from the bedroom, where you need to carry your loads.

Near the back door is another popular option, especially if your family generates dirty sports gear. However, it's another space that's far from the bedrooms. A location near the bedroom areas is ideal because you probably store most of your washables there. However, noise can become an issue.

Give some thought to the location, and you'll find just the right spot in your custom home. Contact your custom home builders for more information.


14 April 2020

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