You Can Replace Damaged Chainlink Fencing

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If you have a damaged chainlink fence, it is something that you can repair yourself if you are handy with tools. 

Safety Equipment

Before you get started, you want to make sure that you are being as safe as possible, and that means equipping yourself properly. You need to make sure that you are protecting your eyes and hands, at the very least. So, make sure to wear safety glasses, even if you already have glasses. You also want to make sure that you have on work gloves. You are going to be bending and cutting metal, and you don't want any sharp edges to get you or little pieces of metal flying up in your eyes. 

Get the Replacement Fencing

You are going to need to pick up the new fencing. How much you are going to need depends on how severe the damage is. If it's bad enough, you might want to just replace that whole panel of fencing from one post to the next. If it's a smaller space, then you can probably get away with just getting a smaller piece and then weaving it into place. It doesn't matter which way you do it, you need to make sure that the new material fits into the space you are going to put it. So, make sure to measure first. 

Replacing a Full Panel

If you need to replace a full panel, the first thing that you need to do is to make sure that the fence is secured to the posts on each side. When you cut the fence, you don't want to have it keep peeling back. So, check to make sure that there are ties around the fence posts and around chains. Then you can either cut the broken part of the fencing or untie it from one side. Then you need to disconnect the fence from the top and bottom rails. Generally, there are wires that secure the fencing to the rails. Untie or cut those wires, and be ready for the fence to start moving. After you have done that, you can disconnect it from the other post. Save some wires, if you can, so that you can secure the new section of fencing to the rails and posts, as well as to the rest of the fence. Then you just get someone to help you do everything in reverse. 

If you need to replace some chainlink fencing, you can do it yourself. You can also hire a fencing contractor to come in and do the work for you. 

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24 February 2020

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