3 Potential Reasons Why Your Boiler System Stopped Working

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Have you recently tried to turn on the heat in your home only to find out that it's still cold inside? Are you convinced that you need a new boiler system to replace the one you have right now? While it's possible that you do indeed need a new boiler, there's also a good chance that you may be able to get the one you have right now repaired. Even though a boiler might seem broken at first glance, there are things that should be checked out by a professional before you give up and have a new boiler installed. Some things that may be amiss include the following:

Bad filter

A boiler system may have a filter of some kind, even if it's not part of a forced-air system. If it's a gas boiler, there may be a filter to help keep hair, dust, and dirt from getting to the burner and causing corrosion or other damage. This filter typically doesn't need to be replaced very often; simply have it checked once a year or so. Problems can start when you forget that it even exists and, over time, the filter may get clogged up so that air can no longer flow through it. While this is usually a relatively simple fix of putting in a new filter, it's also a good idea to have a boiler repair technician check out the whole unit to ensure that this clog didn't cause any other damage.

Failed valves

A boiler system may look quite simple from the outside, but it's actually a somewhat complicated system of valves, piping, and more to ensure that the hot water gets where it's supposed to go and doesn't simply flow back out into the cold water pipe. If any valves get stuck or are opening too slowly, the whole boiler may shut itself off to preserve it. A trained boiler repair professional can have this issue repaired much more quickly and cheaply than it'd take to get a new boiler installed.

Failing thermostat

A failing thermostat can be the cause of a lot of issues when it comes to boiler systems. Without an accurate assessment of the temperature of the water in the system and/or the temperature in your home, your system may turn on and off at seemingly random times. It may alternate between being too hot and too cold without you even touching the temperature settings. Although annoying to deal with, this is thankfully a relatively simple boiler repair that can be carried out by any qualified professional.


9 October 2019

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