Crack Filler- The Unsung Concrete Hero

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If you take a look around you, you will see that concrete is almost everywhere. The versatility and affordability of concrete have helped to boost its popularity within the construction industry.

Concrete is designed to be a durable and strong surface, but weather and age can take a toll on the structural stability of any concrete surface. Crack filler is one tool that you can utilize to help ward off the forces of destruction that might leave your concrete crumbling and corroded.

Assess the Damage

Before you can begin using a crack filler to repair your concrete surfaces, you need to assess the extent of the damage. The width of the crack is especially pertinent to the repair process. Smaller cracks are easy to fill in, but wider cracks will need some specialized preparation to ensure that your repairs go smoothly.

Foam tubing can be utilized in wider cracks to help fill in the gap before a crack filler in applied. This foam tubing reduces the amount of crack filler required to complete your repair, and it also helps to provide stability to the repaired area.

Prepare the Damaged Area

Proper preparation is essential when it comes to using crack filler to complete concrete repairs. You need to remove any dirt or debris that might have found their way into the crack over time. This can be done using a broom and some compressed air.

If there is grease or oil inside the crack, you will need to use a specialized cleaning agent to eliminate these contaminants. A clean crack allows the filler to adhere to the surface of the concrete within the crack for maximum repair stability.

Apply the Filler

Using a crack filler to eliminate damage from your concrete surfaces is fairly simple. Once the area has been cleaned and prepared, you just pipe the filler into the crack using the nozzle provided. Most crack fillers are self-leveling and will not require any troweling once they have been applied.

You will want to give the filler time to cure before you walk or drive on the repaired surface. Check the manufacturer's directions for curing time, as this period can vary from one crack filler to the next.

You can apply a couple layers of filler if your crack is especially deep. Just give the filler ample time to cure between each application to ensure that all the layers harden properly.

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1 May 2019

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