3 Reasons To Schedule A Springtime Propane Inspection

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Many homes rely on propane to power important appliances. Propane is considered an affordable and environmentally friendly fuel source, but it can be deadly when your propane system is not maintained properly. Exposure to the elements during a harsh winter could compromise the safety of your propane system.

It's wise to schedule a springtime propane inspection with your fuel provider if you want to maximize the safety and efficiency of your propane system in the future.

1. An inspection will ensure valves and gauges are functional.

You have probably noticed that your propane tank is equipped with some valves and gauges. These valves and gauges are essential to the safe operation and maintenance of your propane tank. Valves are responsible for regulating the flow of propane through your home's fuel delivery system.

Each valve needs to be functional to ensure you can cut your fuel supply in the event of an emergency. Valves can start to corrode when exposed to snow and ice, so an inspection in the springtime to determine their condition is wise. You will also want to check that all gauges monitoring propane levels and interior pressure within the tank are working properly.

2. An inspection can reduce propane costs.

Another valuable reason you should consider investing in is a springtime inspection for your propane system. This can also help save money on future fuel costs. Your fuel delivery provider will inspect your propane system to determine that all appliances, pipes, and accessories are working properly.

Any problems within the system can be repaired to maximize efficiency. This will ensure that you are able to use your propane as efficiently as possible and keep fuel costs low over time.

3. An inspection allows you to identify leaks.

Leaks are among the most dangerous type of propane system failure. Propane gas is highly combustible. If this gas leaks out of your tank or pipes, it can accumulate inside your home. Any spark could ignite the gas and cause serious damage to your property.

Propane itself is odorless, but special additives are mixed in to give the propane a distinct odor. This odor is designed to help identify leaks, but sometimes the odor can go undetected. A springtime inspection will allow an experienced propane professional to complete a thorough evaluation of your propane system and identify any leaks that could potentially put the safety of your home and family at risk. Contact a propane company for more help.


1 May 2019

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