3 Design Tips That Can Make Your Small Bathroom Appear Larger

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Do you have a tiny bathroom space? Do you want to redesign it to make look larger? Perhaps you're going to sell your home soon and want to maximize its value, or maybe you simply want to give your home a fresh look for your own enjoyment. 

You may not be able to change the actual size of the space, but you can use some design tricks to make it appear larger. Below are a few tips and ideas that you can try implementing into your redesign plan. You also may want to contact a bathroom contractor or designer who could offer other ideas.

Move the sink. The sink and cabinet probably take up the most space in your bathroom. You can open up the room and create a path for traffic by moving the sink. One idea is to get a corner sink and cabinet. That way you still get some shelf and cabinet space without taking up as much room. If you don't need the cabinet, consider getting a pedestal sink. They take up minimal space, free up a substantial amount of room, and can make your bathroom appear much larger.

Simplify the design. Do you have different patterns for different areas of the bathroom? Perhaps the floors have one kind of tile while the walls are painted or wallpapered with a different color. Maybe your shower has another different tile design. These different patterns create visual breaks and obstructions. Your mind intuitively breaks the room into different sections based on the various patterns, which makes the room appear smaller.

Instead, try implementing a continuous color scheme and design throughout the bathroom. Replace the flooring with tile that is similar in color and pattern to the walls. Do the same in the shower. Also, use larger tiles if possible, as the fewer lines there are, the bigger the space will appear.

Put glass in the shower. Glass can provide a huge visual boost to your shower and bathroom because it's transparent. That means it eliminates visual breaks that may make your room appear smaller. Start by adding a glass door to the shower, which can open up the space and increase its apparent size. If you're worried about privacy, you could get tempered or etched glass that isn't completely see-through. Also, consider adding glass shelves in the shower, which can also increase its visual size. A contractor or residential shower service can help you complete these projects. 

Ready to start your bathroom redesign? Talk to a bathroom designer or contractor today. They can offer tips and recommendations to help you with your project.


11 December 2018

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