Having Crane Work Performed On Your Property? Stay Safe!


A downed tree, a structure to demolish, a swimming pool installation—all of these are common scenarios when a crane may be brought to a residential property to do some heavy lifting, literally. If you are the property owner and you have been left to reach out to a crane operator for help with a heavy-duty home project, you probably feel pretty confident that the project will go just fine. However, just like there are rules of safety the crane operator must follow, there are also safety rules you should remember while the crane is in operation around your home. 

1. Communicate with the crane operator before the project begins. 

A good crane service will ensure that the operator sent to your home will take a moment of their time to both introduce themselves and go over a few things with you about what to expect. During this time, the crane operator will also let you know things about how to stay safe. Make sure you pay close attention to their guidelines. For example, for reasons of safety, the operator may let you know that no one should be inside of a structure if you are having a downed tree picked up from the roof. 

2. Plan to stay out of the area while the crane is in operation. 

The crane operator may offer advice about where you can safely stand if you wish to watch the work take place. However, in general terms, it is best to stay out of the area while the crane is in motion. While operating the crane, the operator must be fully aware of everything happening on the ground below, and that can be hard if there are unexpected persons in the area. Most crane operators will bring along a ground crew member or two to act as spotters to guide them through the project, and it is fine for them to be in the area because they are trained to do so.

3. Never try to communicate with the crane operator directly during operation. 

Some homeowners feel it is their responsibility to guide and direct the crane operator while they are on their property, but this is not the safest thing to do. Yelling out at the operator or trying to wave them down to provide instructions can distract the operator and put you at risk. Step aside and allow the professional ground crew to do their job. If you have specific concerns about the project, discuss those concerns before the operator gets started.  

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26 June 2018

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