Countertops: Composites Vs. Natural Stones

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Cabinetmakers, builders, and home owners often have strong opinions about countertops. That is, some feel very strongly about natural stone countertops because they are so stylish and valuable. On the other hand, others prefer affordability and low maintenance of composite countertops. Obviously, it also depends on where the countertop is going to be, and what you are going to be using it for. Regardless, there is really no right or wrong answer, it just depends on your budget and style goals. This article explains the most important differences between composite and natural stone countertops, and it should help make the decision a little easier.  

Composite Counters

Composite countertop Products come in a variety of different forms. Some have a wood base with Formica or plastic caps. Others are resin molds. Many are pretty much just plastic. Regardless of the exact makeup of the product that you choose, you have to realize it pretty much every composite product is made with the same low price and easy maintenance in mind. Every product will be waterproof so it can be cleaned with pretty much any household liquid cleaner. At the same time, the printed finishes are going to be fade resistant and permanent.

Most composite products will have some sort of fake print to replicate other natural stones that are commonly used in countertop construction, like marble, granite, or quartz. There are also solid-colored composite products, speckled finishes, wood grain prints, and pretty much everything in between. So, you won't have any problem finding a color to match with your room.

Natural Stones

While the composite materials can be stylish, many will tell you that nothing compares to the natural look of real stone counters. It is hard to match the natural pattern you can find in a granite slab. Natural stones like granite come directly from the earth, so the patterns are completely unique. No two granite slabs are going to have the same marbling, coloration, or pattern. On top of this, most natural stones are extremely durable and practical for countertop usage. Missy, some stones are softer than others. Pretty much any natural stone will need to be sealed to protected from bacteria and mold. That is, natural stones, even though they look extremely smooth and shiny have small pores that can be problem areas in moist environments like a bathroom or kitchen.

If you can afford a natural stone product, and you are willing to keep it up, it is a great investment. For more information, contact companies like House Of Floors.


8 May 2018

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