How to Prep for Exterior Painting

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Painting the outside of your home is one of the first home renovations that people make. This is partly due to the fact that paint simply needs to be redone after years of fading and wearing off. Some people will repaint their exterior, even if their current colors are still bright and true, just because they want to give their home a new style. This article explains, exterior painting, one of the most cost effective home renovations for homeowners on a budget. It will illustrate how you can paint exterior surfaces more expertly, and more time efficiently.

Mask Off to Paint Exteriors

The most important thing to consider when painting exteriors with a spray gun, is the prep work and masking off. That is, you need to spend a considerable amount of time preparing for the overspray if you are using a pneumatic gun. You will need to invest in large drop cloths, painter's plastic and rolls of construction paper. All three of these covers can be used for different surface. Plastic can be used to cover windows. Construction paper works well when taped to concrete. The drop cloths can go over grass and bushes.

Paint During the Right Time

You also need to make sure you paint on dry days. If it is raining or humid, your paint will take longer to dry. Drying time can also ultimately affect the color of the paint when it dries. So, you want to try and paint on days that at least have similar weather conditions. And, never paint if it looks like it might rain.

Use a Spray Gun Properly

Using a spray gun is simple. Even if you have never operated a pneumatic or battery-powered spray system, you will be amazed by their ease of use. Also, if you rent a system, it will come with basic instructions. The most helpful tip is to always use a consistent spraying technique. That is, keep the tip an equal distance from the wall while you are spraying. Also, never pull the trigger while the gun is stationary. That is, you want to wave your hand back and forth across the wall as you paint, pulling and releasing the trigger only while your hand it moving.

As you can see, painting is not that difficult, it might be messy and time consuming work, but the labor is relatively easy, the tools are simple, and the supplies are affordable. To learn more about the process, contact services such as Thompson Painting.


12 February 2018

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