3 Features That Appeal To Luxury Home Buyers

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If you have invested in some property, and are building homes on the property with the intention of selling them to luxury home buyers, you need to make sure that you include the right features in the homes that you are building. If you want to generate luxury home prices, you need luxury home features, such as an open floor plan, integrated technology, commercial kitchen features and appealing outdoor living space.

Open Floor Plan

If you want home to generate luxury home prices, you are going to want to go with an open floor plans. Open floor plans have been popular for a while, and open floor plans have not decreased in popularity in recent years. If anything, open floor plans with tall or even vaulted ceilings are more popular than ever before. It is one of the top features that luxury home buyers look for. The homes you are building need to feel open and airy, not small nor cramped if you want to generate high prices for the home.

That doesn't mean that entire home has to be open; there can be some walls. You want the entry way to fell open, and you want the kitchen and dining space to flow into one another.

Integrated Technology

Next, technology is changing the way that we live and luxury home buyers want to purchase new homes that have integrated technology and stand out from the rest of the market.

That means that you should have an integrated blue tooth and wireless speakers installed through the house. One should be able to enjoy music just in their bathroom if they want while they soak in the jet tub, or they should be able to have music blast throughout their entire home. You want to have speakers that can be set up to play in one room or the entire house.

You also need to make sure that you set up the home so that it can be controlled wirelessly. Set up the home so that one can lock the doors, control the lights, control the HVAC system and the alarm system through their smart phones.

Commercial Kitchen Features

Finally, many luxury home buyers want to have all the amenities that a commercial kitchen or top of the line kitchen will feature. They want features that go beyond the basic stove, oven and fridge set-up that you see in most homes.

Think of double-ovens so that you can cook more than one item or meal at once. Make sure those ovens are big enough to hold an entire turkey as well. You are going to want to have a stove that extra burners, like six burners instead of four. You want to have a warming burner and be able to put a grill on the stove as well.

Be sure to add in an extra sink as well. In luxury kitchens, in addition to the regular sink is a smaller prep sink for washing vegetables and your hands as you cook.

You should also include special features such as a warming drawer, where you can put food items to keep them warm until you serve them. A wine fridge is a must as well so you can keep all your wines at the right temperature. You may also want to building an extra fridge or freezer somewhere within the kitchen as well. Finally, no luxury kitchen is complete without a walk-in pantry.

If you want to sell a luxury home, make sure that it has luxury features such as an open floor plan, integrated technology and commercial kitchen features. It is all about creating a high-end experience and turning the home into an oasis. 


4 January 2018

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