Make Your Dumpster Space Count With These Disposal Tips


The costs of having your rented dumpster picked up can really add up, especially if you have a big home renovation project and only so much dumpster space to work with. Knowing how to efficiently fill your dumpster not only helps save you time, but you'll also save hundreds of dollars in disposal fees. The following shows how you can make the most of the dumpster space you have on hand.

Put in Flat Items First

If you're getting rid of old drywall, damaged lumber, or any other long, thin, and flat debris, use it to line the bottom of the dumpster before dumping your larger and bulkier items. Starting off with the thinnest and flattest debris first will help you maximize your available dumpster space. You can also line the sides of your dumpster with smaller pieces of debris prior to loading the rest.

Toss It in a Bag

Instead of tossing broken tiles and other loose debris directly into your dumpster, you're better off bagging it up. This allows you to consolidate your loose debris and save a little dumpster space in the process. It'll also help keep dust and flying debris down to a minimum, keeping your worksite cleaner and safer.

Be sure to use heavy-duty garbage bags to keep your debris properly contained. You'll also want to eliminate space-eating air pockets by either putting a hole through the top of the bag or manually squeezing as much air out of the bag prior to tying it up.

Fill Those Voids

You'd be surprised at how much space an empty void can take up in your dumpster. Fortunately, you can keep this space from doing to waste by filling them with smaller debris, including the debris that was previously placed in bags. Also keep in mind how larger objects are placed inside your dumpster, as this can also create voids.

Your dressers and cabinets naturally contain voids that would otherwise take up space inside your dumpster. You can maximize your dumpster space simply by filling your cabinets and drawers with smaller debris.

Take It Apart

Don't forget that a lot of the old furniture and fixtures you're throwing away can be broken down and taken apart to save dumpster space, especially items that were designed with quick and easy assembly in mind. Long pieces of molding trim and large sheets of drywall can also be broken into smaller, more compact pieces for disposal.

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29 November 2017

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