How You Can Tell When Your Toilet Is On The Verge Of Being Clogged


Although you likely use your toilets multiple times each day, it can be so easy to forget to pay attention to their condition. As long as you're able to flush the toilet and the contents empty the bowl you may not see a reason to perform any kind of preventative or maintenance work on them. However, although your toilet might not be completely stopped up, it could be on the way to becoming so. There are usually a few telltale signs which indicate that your toilet needs to be serviced or it's going to become clogged. Use this information to learn more about the symptoms to look for when a clogged toilet is looming on the horizon:

The Lever Needs More Power During A Flush

When your toilet is working as it should a gentle push of the lever should be sufficient enough to empty the commode. It doesn't require an extraneous amount of water to get the contents to go down because there is nothing blocking the pipes beneath the toilet bowl.

The situation is quite different when there is a clog in place. It's going to take much more water to provide enough force to push the contents of the toilet beyond the clog that exists there. You may notice that whereas before it didn't take much force to flush the toilet, you now have to hold the lever for a much longer time to get the debris in your toilet to actually go completely down the drain. If the blockage is bad enough, you'll find that some of the contents actually come back up through the drain after you thought there was a successful flush. If this happens it's a good time to call in a professional plumber. They can run a snake through the toilet to loosen up any clogs that may be hidden beneath it.

You Hear Gurgling Sounds Long After Flushing

Although it's quite normal for you to hear a traditional flushing sound when you send contents down your toilet, this shouldn't last for too long after the flushing has occurred. The extra sounds that you hear could indicate that the debris which was in your toilet is taking an unusually long time to work through your pipes. You want to head this off at the pass by getting some professional assistance.

Noting the signs is the key to making sure that your toilets continue to work as they should. If either of these signs occurs, get in touch with a plumber as soon as possible.


9 August 2017

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