3 Reasons To Consider Building A Modular Home

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Building a new home is a really exciting time for many people. The building process allows homeowners to customize their homes and choose the finishes and materials that they want. For these reasons many homeowners choose to build from the ground up. However, there are other options to constructing a home entirely on site. One option that many do not consider is modular homes. These homes are constructed in a factory and then assembled on site. Because they are built in a factory many avoid these homes. However, they may be worth a second look. Here are three reasons why.

Faster To Build

One of the biggest advantages that modular homes have over homes that are built on site is that the construction time for modular homes is much lower. Total construction time for a modular home is often between 2 and 3 months while traditionally-built homes can take up to 9 to 12 months. The reason these homes are faster to build is that they are mainly constructed inside a factory. This means that there are no weather delays while parts of the home are being constructed. 

Less Expensive

The price of a modular home varies greatly depending on the manufacturer and the materials used. However, in general these homes are less expensive than homes built on site. The savings are usually between 10 and 20 percent. There are a few different reasons for this. Modular home manufacturers are able to purchase materials in bulk which can lead to savings for the buyer of the home. It also takes less time to construct a modular home which can lead to big savings on labor costs. 

A Greener Alternative

For those who are eco-conscious, modular homes are definitely worth a second look. Since they are built in a factory the construction process produces 35 to 40 percent less waste than traditional building methods. The overall energy efficiency of modular homes also tends to be greater. In fact many of these homes are built to be as efficient as possible and to live up to Energy Star standards. Since modular homes can be customized to the homeowner's wishes there are also plenty of other ways to make them as efficient as possible. Things like energy efficient appliances, windows, and more can be easily added.

When it comes to building a new home, modular homes can be a great option. These homes are less expensive to build, take less time to construct, and are often more energy efficient than their built on site counterparts. For more information, contact companies like Jenshau LLC.


27 October 2016

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