Three Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Lawn-Mowing Service


If you're like most people, you work hard during the majority of your waking hours and want to spend your evenings and weekends relaxing. However, yard and garden chores sometimes seem overwhelming, particularly during the summer months. The following are three great reasons why you should consider the services of a professional lawn-mowing company—besides the obvious benefit of having more free time to relax and enjoy leisure activities rather than becoming overburdened with yard work during the best time of the year.


Using a professional lawn service will mean that your lawn will be mowed, watered, and weeded on a consistent basis, and that will help keep it attractive and healthy. You can always tell a lawn that has received only sporadic attention from homeowners. The former usually has an unkempt appearance and is riddled with weeds, while the latter is lush, velvety green, and feels fabulous on bare feet on a warm summer's day. 

Knowledge of Pests and Pathogens 

A lawn-care professional will have extensive knowledge of pests and pathogens that can potentially destroy your lawn. He or she will be able to recognize these scourges in the initial stages, allowing them to circumvent fully fledged infestations by taking preventative action. Also, healthy, thriving lawns are far less likely to fall victim to destructive bugs and diseases. As an added bonus, your lawn-care professional will also be trained to spot signs of trouble and distress in your trees, shrubs, and flowering plants. 

Knowledge of Different Grass Types

Many homeowners believe that there is only one type of lawn grass, but in reality, there are many. Each type performs differently—for instance, some, like Kentucky bluegrass, are best for cool-season climates, while others, such as Bermuda grass, are strong, tough, turf-type grasses ideal for use in lawns that will be receiving a high volume of traffic. If you've got active children in your home or love to play lawn sports such as touch football, croquet, or badminton, Bermuda grass is probably your best option. A professional lawn-care person will be able to asses your individual situation and advise you on which type of lawn grass best suits the individual needs of your household. If you would like more information on how a professional lawn-care company can significantly enhance your current quality of life, please feel free to contact a local lawn-mowing service such as Williams Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc. at your earliest convenience.   



21 September 2016

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