3 Things To Really Consider When Building A Two-Story Home

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Two-story homes are great ideas for larger families, and a lot of people choose two stories because building up is usually more economical than building out. If you are ready to hire a custom home builder to build you a two-story home, there are three important things you should consider as you begin designing the home you will build.

Upstairs Laundry Room

Laundry is something most people are constantly doing, and choosing the right location for your laundry room can make this normal task a lot easier for you to accomplish. With a two-story home, your bedrooms will probably all be located on the upper floor. If this is the case, placing the laundry room on the second floor might be a good thing to consider. This will make it easier to complete the task of putting the clothes away after they are clean, and it could save you from making extra trips up and down the stairs.

If you do not want a second-floor laundry room, you may at least want to consider putting in a laundry chute that extends from the second floor to the main floor. This would at least save some work for you.

Separate Heating Zone For Each Floor

In most cases, heating and air conditioning companies will automatically place the main floor and second floor on separate zones; however, you must tell your contractor that you want this if you want to be certain it is done. By keeping the floors on different zones, you will have an easier time cooling and heating both floors. In addition, you could also place the master bedroom on a zone of its own if you would like. This is a great way to keep your room the exact temperature you want without having to add extra heat or cool air to other parts of the house.

Guest Room On Main Floor

The final thing you should consider is adding a guest room to the main floor of your home. Not only would this be helpful for overnight guests to have their privacy, but it could also be helpful for elderly parents or relatives that visit and cannot go up and down stairs. A guest room on the main floor could also offer convenience if one of your family members gets injured and cannot use stairs for a few weeks or months.

One of the most important steps in building a home is choosing a good custom home builder. Good builders will discuss all your needs with you to help design and build a home that is perfect for your family. Contact a company like David James Custom Homes  for more information.


19 August 2016

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