Flat Or Pitched Roofing: How Do You Choose?

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If you are thinking about installing a new roof on top of your shed or home, you will have to consider all of your options. Pitched roofs, for example, are available in a wide range of styles including hipped, cross gable, and gable. Flat roofs, unlike pitched roofs, do not have a slope, and are available in many designs including sprayed polyurethane foam and single-ply. Learning more about what pitched and flat roofs can offer will help make the decision easier.

How Much Maintenance Do They Require?

Both flat and pitched roofs will require some level of maintenance. Pitched roofs are harder to clean and inspect because of the sloped structure they offer. A flat roof, on the other hand, requires frequent inspections as the lack of a sloped structure creates a problematic drainage system. If you neglect to inspect your flat roof the drainage system can become clogged.

How Does Cost Factor In?

A flat roof is often more appealing to someone on a budget as it is significantly cheaper than a pitched roof. Pitched roofs are more expensive because the designs are more complex, more materials are required, and more work is needed for the installation.

What Type of House Are You Roofing?

When considering whether to go with a flat roof or a pitched roof, you have to consider the structure of the home or shed the roof is being installed on. Flat roofs are often considered more modern and chosen on nothing more than the aesthetic appeal. If you, however, have a more eccentric style, a pitched roof may be the way to go.

If possible, see if the roofing company you are hiring to install the work has a way to take pictures of your home or shed and show you what it will look like with each roofing option. Thanks to advancements in technology, it is not uncommon for roofing companies to offer this sort of software so you, the customer, can see exactly what your home is going to look like before you have the roof installed.

Before making any type of decision it's a good idea to check with your building codes to make sure you can have one or the other. If you live in the city limits, the decision might be made for you. If you are still having trouble deciding which option is right for you, consult with a roofer such as Ray's Harford Home Improvement Contractors Inc.


6 July 2016

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