Monitoring The Health Of Your Septic System

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The key to a long-lasting septic tank is to take consistent steps to protect each part of the tank. Here are some things to be aware of for septic tank home maintenance. 

Water Levels are Important

The water levels in your tank are key to a balanced septic system. When wastewater enters your septic tank, the sediments naturally settle to the bottom of the tank. Excess water flows off into your drain field where it is dispersed gradually. If the water levels get too high at any one time, it can upset this process. Avoid doing many water-heavy activities all at once; you may need to have a schedule for any high water consumption activities in your home.

Sludge Levels Also Matter

The levels of sludge, or sediment, in your tank also matter. You can monitor these by having a technician come out on a regular basis to clean the tank and check its health. But you can also affect the sludge levels by avoiding adding more solid waste than what's necessary. For instance, avoid flushing cosmetic products and inorganic matter down the drain. You can also do little things to affect the sludge level, such as periodically flushing some "good bacteria" (such as what's found in buttermilk) down the drain to increase the breakdown of waste. 

The Drain Field is Sacred

Another way you can protect your septic tank is to keep the drain field clear. Good yard work is an important part of this. Routinely cut back any shrubs or trees that are growing into your drain field area. You may need to pull up roots that are migrating towards the drain field. These items can have a big cumulative impact on your drain field if they block the main areas, causing backup in the entire system and making the septic tank less efficient. 

Routine Maintenance is Key

Finally, although there are many things that you can do at home to keep your septic tank working well, it's also important to have a septic tank service come out on a regular basis to verify that your septic tank is in good repair. There are many things they can do that it's difficult to check on your own. For instance, the technician might use a specialized camera to check the sludge levels inside the tank and look for issues. Whenever you notice the septic tank isn't working properly, call a septic tank service technician right away– and have them come out regularly even when the tank seems to be fine.   


2 June 2016

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