There Are Different Styles Of Insulation You Can Choose For Your House

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Insulation is necessary for your home or building. It helps to maintain the proper temperature in your house. It also helps to keep your energy bills down because the warm air and cold air in your house stays where it should. There are a few styles of insulation that you can choose from when you are getting ready to insulate your house. 

Cavity Insulation

Cavity insulation goes into the cavities of your walls, floors, and attic and fills them up. Generally, these cavities are in between structural members like beams and studs. Cavity insulation comes in all kinds of forms. 

Blown Insulation

Blown insulation is generally a loose insulation that is blown into the cavity, usually after the wall has been built. Blown insulation is often made out of cellulose and may contain recycled paper. Another kind of blown insulation is made from recycled blue jeans that have been shredded down to very small pieces. 

Bat Insulation

Batting insulation is the traditional pink fiberglass insulation that is placed in one large piece into the wall cavity. The insulation comes in large rolls that can be cut into bats that are the correct size to put in each cavity. 

Foam Insulation

Foam insulation is a rapidly expanding two-part foam that is sprayed into the cavities. When the two components of the foam are mixed together, it is sprayed into the cavity. Then it starts to expand to fill all the available space. Before the drywall is installed, some of the foam may need to be trimmed if it has come too far out from the cavity. 

Continuous Insulation

Another style of insulation that you can choose from is continuous insulation. Instead of just filling cavities and causing thermal gaps where the structural members are, the continuous insulation covers the entire building, with no gaps, except for very small areas where the fasteners are set. The best reason to use continuous insulation is that the structural members, especially the studs that make up the various cavities could conduct heat and cold into the buildings, especially if the beams and studs are made out of metal. 

The way that continuous insulation gets rid of the gaps is that it is installed on the outside of the building, encasing the whole building in a rigid foam board insulation. The insulation comes in large sheets that can be cut down to fit the walls of your house. 

When you are choosing the insulation for your house, you have plenty of choices in front of you.   


16 May 2016

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