Have A Boundary Dispute With A Neighbor?

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As a homeowner, chances are that you take pride in the property that you own, which is why it can be frustrating if a neighbor thinks that they own a piece of it. Boundary disputes can easily happen if boundaries are not clearly defined and can lead to a stressful situation as you argue about who is in the right. These tips will help you settle a boundary dispute with a neighbor.

Communicate Early On

The earlier you determine where your property begins and ends, the better the chances will be of avoiding disputes down the road. If you just bought your home, have a discussion with your neighbors to find out where they believe the property line ends for you and begins for them. You may find out that you agree with each other or that there is a discrepancy.

It's also best to communicate early on if you are going to be building anything near the property line, such as a fence. You do not want to have the important discussion about property line after anything is built, since it can be costly to rip a fence out and build it again.

Check Your Deeds

If you do have a dispute, you and your neighbor should compare the deeds that you received when you purchased your home. They should include a diagram of the home with references to where the property begins and ends. You may discover that the two deeds have conflicting information, which is why there is a dispute over who owns what.

Get A Land Survey

When you cannot find the official records for where the property lines are, the best option will be to get an official land survey done. Professional will come out to your home and take measurements to determine where the property line should be. They will help mark off the property lines for you, and provide you with an accurate diagram for reference purposes.

See if your neighbor will agree to split the cost of having a land survey done, since they will benefit from it as well.

Sell Or Rent The Disputed Land

If the land survey shows that someone is in the wrong and violating a boundary, you have some options to deal with it. Consider selling or renting part of the property so that the person in the wrong has legal access to it. This may be a better alternative if there is existing construction on the property, like a fence, since it will provide ownership of the land without needing to go through the unnecessary hassle of moving what was built.


29 April 2016

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