Four Reasons To Visit A Steel Fabrication Shop During A Landscape Redesign Project

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Transforming or updating the landscape of your home could easily boost the value of your entire property. While you are busy stopping at local greenhouses and landscape supply stores, you may be surprised to learn that professional landscapers spend a fair amount of time at steel fabrication shops like Countryside Welding--and for good reasons. There are some things that you can get a steel fabrication shop that cannot typically be found in other places and that could completely change your landscape as you know it. There are four good reasons why a steel fabricator could be one of your most valued professionals when you are updating your landscape. 

Obtain custom-built retaining material. 

There is no easier way to add dimension and design appeal to an otherwise flat landscape than by incorporating retaining walls. Retaining walls bring new elements of height and depth, but they are difficult to achieve without sturdy steel grids that can uphold new soil or filler material. A steel fabricator can create retaining wall grid material that is custom cut to fit the dimensions of the wall you intend to build. 

Work with a designer to create unique railing, fences, and gates.

Skip the boring landscape railing and go for something incredibly artistic. Steel can be altered and formed into a myriad of free-flowing creations, such as long and gnarly tree branches or other natural-looking objects. Designers that work in steel fabrication plants are nothing short of modern-day artists. You can stop by a shop and offer up a few design ideas of your own or have the designer sketch out an idea specifically for your landscape design. 

Get your hands on interesting modern planters.

If you want a truly modern attraction in your garden or landscape, consider adding steel planters. Steel planters can be crafted in a straight box design, but they can also be built from hollow steel bricks, simulated steel stones, and other awesome metal formations. Mingling the natural look of flowers and vines with a modern material like steel is bound to bring a new element of style to your property. 

Create property borders with a steel barrier. 

Much like the concrete curb work that many homeowners use as landscape border material, steel curbs are just as functional but have a much longer life and offer an entirely different look. Steel tubing that has a wide diameter can be shaped and formed into curving or geometric borders to retain mulch, gravel, and plants. 


5 February 2016

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