3 Important Tips For Travertine Tile Cleaning

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If your home features travertine tiles, you probably know that cleaning it can be challenging. For instance, in order to safely clean it, you will need to know what kind of travertine tile you have and which cleaners are unsafe for use on your tile. You should also plan for it to re-sealed, as needed, in the future.

#1-Know What Kind Of Travertine Tile You Have, So You Can Choose An Appropriate Cleaner

You need to know whether you have polished, honed or tumbled travertine. Polished travertine is the shiniest option. Its inherent shine means that it does not always need to be re-sealed later on.

Honed travertine provide a dull appearance which works to negate many complaints about new damage. Tumbled travertine is typically seen as the most memorable, because tiny pieces of other stone are present within its texture. To highlight its interesting appearance, you will need to use a color enhancer on it.

#2-Know The Cleaners To Avoid

Travertine tiles are porous, which means that any of the following substances could damage it and should be avoided:

  • Lemon juice

  • Bleach

  • Ammonia

  • Vinegar

  • Any acidic product (including citrus acid, like oranges)

#3-Understand And Plan For Re-sealing

It is important to note that travertine is made from naturally occurring stone and as a result, its surface is imperfect. Those imperfections do not detract from its appearance, but can allow tiny pieces of dirt and debris a place to hide. Regular cleaning is not enough to protect your floors from damage, so it should be sealed before being installed at your home and then about once a year or so after.

To determine if your floors need to be re-sealed, drop a very small amount of water on it and wait a few minutes. If you wipe off the water and your tile immediately returns to its normal appearance, it is unlikely to need a new sealing. If its darker colors stays around for a few minutes, it's probably time to schedule a sealing.

Finally, assuming that no new wax has been applied to the floor, your flooring expert will be able to simply apply the new seal over the old one. If wax has been used and it is still intact, the expert will need to remove the wax before applying the new sealant.

Contact a local flooring specialist, like All American Stone & Tile Care Inc., if you need help knowing which chemicals can be used to clean your travertine tiles or how to protect them.


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