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No one wants to get caught without heat in the dead of winter, but furnace repairs aren't always possible on short notice and emergency appointments are often expensive. If your furnace isn't working, you can try to save money by toughing it out while a regular repair appointment comes around. If that's what you choose to do, it's a good idea to know a few tricks that will help you stay warm without buying expensive space heaters or putting yourself up in a hotel. 

The Cheapest Heat Sources Around

Draw open your curtains, pull up your blinds and take a look outside on a clear morning. Even on a cold day there's enough ambient heat streaming in through your window glass to have a significant impact on the interior temperature of your home. Better still, if your house has adequate insulation, the heat coming in from the sun will linger on well into the evening, staving off the winter chill for a few hours at least.

Once the sun has set it's a good idea to pack on a few light layers, including socks, and make use of the heat you're already radiating just by moving around. Late fall and early winter evenings are made for long pajamas and sweat pants anyway, but cooler evenings might call for a robe or a blanket too. Crawling into bed is another story though, so play it safe and pick up a heating blanket to help you make it through the night without your chattering teeth keeping you awake.

Cheap DIY Space Heaters

Electric space heaters can be pricey, but you can make your own without much effort or money. Start with a metal bread pan, a few popsicle sticks, two unsealed terracotta pots of different sizes, a small amount of aluminum foil, and a supply of tea light candles. In a pinch, you can use loose bricks instead of the bread pan, so long as you can ensure there's good air flow, somewhere for the wax to drip, and nothing flammable underneath.

Arrange the popsicle sticks width-wise across the bread pan to create a platform and place 3 to 4 of the tea lights on the platform. Use the aluminum foil to seal the hole in the base of the smaller of the two pots and place it over the platform so that the heat from the candles warms it and causes it to radiate, then cover it with the larger pot. The inner terracotta will absorb the heat from the candles and act like a radiator, pushing hot air up through the hole in the base of the larger pot, allowing you to heat a small to medium sized space for  just a few dollars a day.

The benefit of winter is that you can always pack on extra layers on a very cold day, but that may not always be practical. In the event that you're out of options, and the repair appointment is a few days off, being prepared can make that wait a little more bearable. For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from McLaughlin Air Conditioning Co Inc.


19 November 2015

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