Is Renovating Your Basement Safe?

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A basement is part of your home and is covered under your mortgage every month, so why not create a more usable space for your family? When it comes to renovating a basement, the process can be very complex. Basements pose some risks that are not as prevalent in other parts of the home. Basements are known to incur more flooding--and ultimately mold--in them should water get inside. Because the basement is the lowest part of the home and typically built underground, you are more likely to experience flooding in this area of the home. When it comes to renovating a basement, you always need to make sure it is safe before beginning the renovation process. Here are some things to look for. 

Check for Cracks

Before you start renovating the basement, you want to make sure it is a safe area first. In order to do this, you need to check for any cracks in the walls and foundation. This can signify a major problem. These areas are where moisture can get in and cause health issues and foundation issues. Before you start putting down flooring and painting the walls, these moisture issues need to be corrected. Should you suspect moisture issues, you will need to call a basement waterproofing company. They will help repair any foundation cracks, provide proper drainage, and get rid of any mold. 

Check for Smells

When you go down to your basement, you want to be sure that you don't encounter a musty smell. This is generally a big sign that there are moisture issues in the home. When you smell that aroma, you should get to work on finding where the moisture is coming from. It can likely be through windows, the flooring, the walls, the seams between the wall and flooring, or even clogged rain gutters that push on the foundation. 

Check for Mold

Mold thrives in damp and humid environments. When you spot mold, you can be sure there is water somewhere in the area. Exposure to mold can lead to some health issues, including watery eyes, a runny nose, a rash, and more. The only way to properly get rid of mold in the home is to hire someone to waterproof the basement so there is no moisture or water in the area and then properly and safely remove the existing mold that has been growing. This needs to be done before the renovation process begins. 

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26 August 2015

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