Hydro-Jet Cleaning Is Superior Method

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Blockages within drains and sewer lines can be very troublesome. They can worsen with time and cause not only annoyance, but also hygienic issues. Slow draining pipes and constant backups are signs that a blockage exists. Snaking a drain is common practice and the normal method for cleaning clogs from drains and sewer lines, but it is not always effective. Hydro-jet cleaning actually allows for more optimal results and can remove blockages entirely.


Hydro-jet cleaning is advertised as a sewer cleaning method that involves the use of water at rates of 35,000 psi. In the past, having these two types of drain pipes connected could lead to major blockage issues, but hydro-jetting is designed to remove all blocks that occur in the position where these two drain pipes are attached.

Less Maintenance

When you have your sewer lines snaked or cleaned using more traditional methods, you are required to have them maintained more often. You might even have to have your sewer lines snaked every six months if you are dealing with a major blockage issue. Hydro-jet cleaning for your drains and sewer lines is much different. It is powerful enough to remove blockages completely the first time and can even remove tree roots that are growing in sewer lines.

More Flexibility

Old bore methods of claiming drains and sewer lines do have limitations. Entering certain small areas could be challenging. However, hydro-jet nozzles are designed to fit in all types of spaces through the use of a flexible water nozzle. All P traps and bends within the pipe can easily be infiltrated by the water that is applied. This allows for all blockages to be addressed and removed. There is also much less risk of damaging PVC pipe through this method than with the old bore method of pipe cleaning.

Pipe Walls

The main difference between having your pipes cleaned with a hydro-jet over snaking, is the ability to remove debris from the walls of the pipes. Mineral deposits and grease can become attached to the walls of pipes but can't be removed through snaking alone. Instead of having to apply harsh chemicals into your sewer lines, you can simply use pressurized water. If the health of your pipes are major concern, the use of a hydro-jet is the better option to snaking or the use of pipe cleaning chemicals. The toughest plumbing jobs are what this pipe cleaning method is designed for. For more information, contact a business such as Total Enviro Services Inc.


29 July 2015

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