How To Easily Fix Your Swamp Cooler's Broken PVC Water Supply Pipe


Murphy's Law dictates that your swamp cooler's water supply line will break on the hottest day of the summer. The good news is that there is no reason to sweat this simple problem, because you can easily fix the cooler's polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe in less than a half hour.

Here are the steps you need to follow to fix your swamp cooler's broken water line:

Step 1: Turn Off The Water Supply

The first step in repairing the broken pipe is to turn off the main water supply to the area. This will prevent a water-wasting geyser from shooting out of the pipe when you cut it.

Step 2: Cut Out the Broken Pipe

Using a hacksaw or PVC cutting tool, cut out the section of the pipe that is broken. You should cut the pipe back at least an inch beyond any visible damage to ensure that you are left with undamaged pipe to work with.

Step 3: Sand and Clean the Pipe

When you glue PVC pipe together, it is important for the pipe to be properly prepared. This prevents your plumbing repair from leaking. To prepare the pipe for gluing, sand it with some sandpaper and then wipe it clean with a tack cloth or clean cotton rag.

Step 4: Cut a New Section of Pipe

Cut a new section of PVC pipe to install where the broken pipe was removed. Cut the pipe about a half-inch shorter than the gap between the existing pipes to allow for the space requirement of the couplers.

Step 5: Prepare the Couplers and New Pipe for Gluing

Using the sandpaper, rough up the insides of both couplers and the ends of the replacement pipe section. Wipe with a cloth to remove any PVC dust that remains.

Step 6: Apply Primer to All Sanded Parts

Every surface that is going be glued needs to first be primed with a specialized PVC priming compound. Apply the primer liberally and allow it to dry for as long as recommended on the container before gluing the pieces together.

Step 7: Glue The Replacement Pipe Into Place

Once the primer has completely dried, apply PVC glue on the inside of each coupler and onto each end of the pipes. Place all of the parts into place and then apply pressure to the pipe to hold it securely in place. You only need to hold the pipe for a minute or two, just just long enough for the PVC glue to start curing.

Step 8: Turn the Water Back On

Turn the water source on for your swamp cooler and check for any leaks in your new plumbing. If you have any leaks, then you will need to repeat this process. If there are no leaks, then congratulations!


Now that you know how to fix your swamp cooler's broken water supply line, you can be the hero in your family next time it breaks and everyone is sweating from the heat. If you need professional assistance fixing plumbing, you need to contact a licensed plumbing contractor like one from in your hometown.


1 July 2015

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