How to Tell If Sealcoating Is Right for Your Pavement

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Sealcoating is the process of applying a protective layer of material to your asphalt that keeps the water out and ensures that the asphalt lasts as long as possible. It is able to save people who have to pay to maintain their asphalt a great deal of money because, by keeping the moisture out of your asphalt, you are able to keep your repair costs down. However, not all asphalt surfaces will be conducive for sealcoating. If your asphalt has these three features, then the sealcoating process will work well and ensure that you don't have to pay too much money for maintenance costs.

1. You Don't Have Deep Cracks

The first characteristic of a paved surface that is right for sealcoating is that it is relatively free of any deep cracks. Sealcoating will not work will if there are a lot of cracks because these cracks often mean that water has already invaded the asphalt, making the protective coating less meaningful. You can tell if a crack is too large if it is more than six inches long or more than half an inch deep. These are rough estimates, so if you have any questions, talk to the people who installed the asphalt in your parking lot in the first place.

2. You Don't Have a Lot of Raveling

Another problem that can make sealcoating less effective is if you have a great deal of raveling. Raveling is when bits of your asphalt are routinely getting torn off in small chunks from the main part of the surface. If you apply a protective coating to a raveling surface, then you will inevitably have to reapply the coating soon because the coating will come off with the small chunks of asphalt. It is going to be much more cost efficient if you repair the parts of the asphalt that are raveling and then apply the sealcoating layer.

3. There's Not a Ton of Friction

Finally, you need to make sure that there isn't a great deal of friction on the surface of your asphalt. If your surface is rough, anything running over it will rub against the sealcoating and cause it to rub off, forcing you to reapply it sooner than is financially viable. If your surface is smooth, less sealcoating will rub off over time.

For more information, talk to a company like Hals Construction that specializes in applying sealcoating and other protective measures to asphalt.


29 June 2015

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