5 Ways to Make the Most of a Stunning View When Installing a Fence


Getting a fence installed around your property may be a priority of yours due to the security it can provide or simply to keep your pets enclosed in the yard safely. Whatever the reasons may be, it can be difficult to get a new fence installed if you're also concerned about not obstructing a nice view outside of your yard.

To get the best of both worlds, consider the following five ideas for your new fence installation.

Try Chain-Link for Easy Visibility

An easy way to have the visibility you want is by getting a chain-link fence installed instead of a traditional wooden fence or other style. While chain-link may not be the most visually stunning option, it won't obstruct the view and can be an affordable choice for those working with a budget.

Choose a Picket Design for Wood Fences

If you're set on getting a wooden fence installed, but are still worried about blocking a nice view, consider the benefit of a picket fence. With a picket fence, you don't need to worry about the fence slats blocking the view beyond it, but still gain a classy look.

Consider Plexiglas for a See-Through Fence

To enjoy the security that fencing can provide without making any kind of obstruction to your yard, consider the look of a Plexiglas fence. The clear panels of this kind of fencing makes it a smart choice since it will allow you to see through it without trouble and is still easy to maintain.

Combine a Wooden Trellis with Vines

An easy way to add some style to a wooden fence that's a bit lacking in design is by incorporating some greenery. With vines such as trumpet vines or morning glory, you can enjoy the look of vines without making a large obstruction from your yard.

Make Sure the Fence Is Allowed by the HOA

Regardless of what style of fencing you're interested in, it's a good idea to check with your local HOA office about their rules. You may find that certain styles or heights of fencing aren't allowed, making it vital that you become familiar with the rules involved so that the project is done right.

As you explore all your options for fencing, you'll need to consider the look of your yard and what styles of fences are best suited for your landscaping. By making sure that the fencing won't obstruct your view and still gives you the results you want, you can be sure that the project is a success. For more information, talk to a fencing company like Nickelston Fence Inc.


3 June 2015

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