Key Maintenance Areas For Your Sliding Door

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When the warmer months of the year arrive, having a sliding door to quickly and easily get in and out of the house is a nice convenience to have. But in order to keep that door operating properly, you'll need to make sure you follow some maintenance steps to make sure that all moving parts remain in working order. Here are 3 key areas you'll want to keep an eye on.

Door Tracks 

Sliding screen doors tend to have two different tracks, one upper and one lower. It's a good idea to get into the habit of regularly clearing both tracks of any debris. This is especially true at the end of the fall season, when there may be some leaves caught in the tracks, and at the end of winter, when there could be some salt residue left over from when you de-iced your deck. If the door catches on this debris, it could fall out of alignment with the track and even cause damage that might need repaired.

Door Rollers

While cleaning the door tracks is a good starting point, it won't do you any good if the sliding door's rollers aren't in proper working order. Your sliding door likely has four rollers, one on each corner. Make sure these rollers do not get loose, tightening them at the start of every new season. A loose roller could snap off if the door is flung open or shut with a lot of force, and then you'll have another door repair job on your hands.

Rubber Seal

A lot of sliding door installations also have a separate screen door on the other side of the glass. This can allow you to let in a nice breeze without leaving an entry point to your home wide open. But a screen door also brings other considerations when it comes to maintenance. Your screen door likely has a rubber seal down the side and perhaps at the bottom. Through normal wear and tear, this can degrade over time. Inspect this spot when you do your other maintenance and have some rubber adhesive handy to get it back firmly into place if necessary. If needed, contact a contractor for a full replacement.

A sliding door can be a nice addition to your deck or the back entrance to your home, but a moving door has special maintenance requirements that should be followed. Keep the tracks clear of debris, the rollers securely in place. If the door's rubber seal starts to fade, get some adhesive to fix the problem. For more information, contact Crawford Door Sales Of Nevada Ltd.


4 May 2015

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