The Walking Washer And Other Appliance Shenanigans

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Appliances should do their job quietly and efficiently, and just leave you alone. After all, appliances are expensive outlays and you expect to get many years of continuous service from these work horses of your home. Taker washers, for example. You probably don't give it much thought as you pile load after load into its willing mouth. But lurking underneath your machine's shining shell lie two potential disasters just waiting to happen. Make sure you don't ignore these two major maintenance issues with your washing machine.

Are washing machines supposed to rock and roll across the floor like a robot in a rodeo? No, they are not. Washers should stay exactly where you have instructed them to stay. In addition, they shouldn't be making that loud knocking noise either.

Why is this happening? Your washing machine has become unbalanced.  Washing machines are heavy to begin with; add in a large load of denim and tub full of water and you get even more weight. Once the machine starts its spin cycle, the vibration causes the movement. So don't overload the machine and adjust the leg levels.

On the bottom corners of your machine are metal feet that are meant to be adjusted to bring the machine to a perfect (or at least near-perfect) state of balance. These are easy to adjust, just loosen the nut and twist. You probably only need to adjust the front legs, the back ones are usually self-leveling.

Tip: Adjust the legs to keep your machine as low to the floor as possible to prevent wiggling.

Don't get hosed. Those rubber hoses don't last forever, so check them every couple of months. Inspect the connections and joints and look for cracks or blistering. Failing to do so could leave you standing ankle-deep in water when the hose bursts or comes loose.

Tip: Go ahead and replace all the hoses at the five-year mark, since most rubber hoses tend to wear out at about that point.

Tip: Most washing machines come with the standard rubber hoses, but for greater peace of mind you can have longer-lasting stainless steel hoses installed by your friendly appliance repairman. The extra cost is well worth the insurance against ruining your beautiful new hardwood floors.

If you follow the tips above and keep your washing machine well-maintained, not only will you be able to enjoy years of faithful service, but you will also likely avoid the damage that could be caused by misbehaving machines.

Final Tip: Your appliance repairman, one like Appliance Service Co Inc., is a limitless font of knowledge on maintaining your appliances for years of long use.


23 March 2015

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