Create A Lovely Traditional Kitchen


Are you building a new home or making changes in your existing one? If you are wanting to create a traditional look in the kitchen, there are some steps you can take to make it lovely and unique.

The Walls - When you select the paint for your kitchen walls, consider going with a very pale color that will go with any of the home decor you select. Very soft yellow, eggshell blue, light mocha and delicate green are all good choices. If you want a bit more drama, consider painting one wall a brighter color, or have a mural painted on that one. Soft stripes on the walls would be great, too. Choose gorgeous wood for your cabinetry and consider a glossy wooden floor.

The Decor - The great part about decorating in a traditional style is pretty much anything goes.

  • Consider blending some country decorating into the kitchen by hanging large cookie cutters on the wall along with copper jello molds.
  • A darling addition is a baker's rack to hold cook books, your favorite kitchen decorations and even pretty bakeware. 
  • Do you have a plate collection? Instead of putting the plates in your cabinets, consider hanging them on the walls or displaying them on top of your kitchen cabinets. Add some fake greenery to make your collection pop.

The Working Space - Consider your cooking style and go from there. The countertops you select will make all the difference.

  • If you're a baker, granite countertops are perfect. You can roll out pastry for biscuits, cookies, pies and other delicacies right on the countertop, Granite is not only very serviceable, but it is stunning to look at and very easy to maintain. After using it, simply wipe it off with a damp cloth. When more cleaning is necessary, just use a mild cleanser.
  • If you don't even own a rolling pin, then you can go with gorgeous tile. Like granite, you won't even need pads on which to place hot pots and pans. Tile is charming and adds warmth to a traditional kitchen. The only extra attention your tile countertops will need is an occasional cleaning of the grout. A toothbrush is perfect for this job.
  • Wood countertops have been around long enough that they have stood the test of time. Besides being beautiful, you can roll out dough on them and then just wipe it off. However, you will need pads or trivets for hot pots and pans. It's true wood shows wear faster than tile or granite, but the older look actually adds to the charm.

Congratulations on decorating your kitchen.


11 March 2015

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