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Your roof is probably not one on the forefront of your mind when updating your home, but it is a vital part of the house. The type of material your roof is made of will determine how long it lasts. It is important to know when to replace your roof and what type of material to choose to get the most out of it. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to what type of roof to choose. With so many options available to choose from, the selection process can be overwhelming. The first step in choosing the right roof for your home is by understanding the various types of roofs and their benefits. 

Asphalt Shingles

With 80% of residential roofs made from asphalt shingles, it is important to understand the benefits of it. One of the biggest benefits of choosing asphalt shingles is the cost. This is one of the most affordable roofing options available to homeowners. For a small investment, you can get a durable and appealing roof for your home. Most asphalt shingle roofing lasts for around 12 to 15 years. This type of roofing style comes in three main types including premium, laminated, and 3-Tab. The cheapest kind is the 3-Tab style with the premium style being the most expensive. This type of roof is also fire resistant, which is great for dry areas prone to fires. 

Slate Roofs

Slate roofs remain popular due to their natural stone composition. One of the more appealing aspects of a slate roofing style is the beauty of it. Not only does it supply your home with a classy look, but it also comes in a variety of colors for a more customized look. A great benefit of this type of roofing system is that it can last around 150 years, making it a great investment for the money. This environmentally friendly option is great for those who are looking for something more natural. 

Metal Roofs

While metal roofs are not all that common for residential properties, they can provide many benefits that will make you take a second look at them. One of the best features of a metal roof is that it is both fire and wind resistant. Knowing your roof will hold up against 140 mph winds can provide you a sense of security. Metal roofs can typically last anywhere from 40 to 70 years for a reliable roofing system. 

For more information about different options, talk to a local roofing company, like American Roofing & Repair Co Division of Combined Roofing Services LLC.


6 February 2015

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