How To Conserve Energy In Your Home: What You Should Know


When you move into the first home of your own, you want to ensure that you do everything exactly right. And this includes saving money on your energy bills every month. Conserving energy not only saves you money, but also upholds your environmental values helping you lessen your negative environmental impact. All you need to do is get to know the adjustments you can make in your new home to ensure that you conserve energy as much as possible and give them a try. Then, you will be able to enjoy your new home knowing you are saving as much money as possible.

Get New Doors And Windows

One of the best ways that you can conserve energy in your home is to replace your doors and windows. Leaks around the frames of your windows and doors can account for a great deal of the energy loss in your home.

Additionally, when you have glass in your home that is outdated or older, it is not designed with ultraviolet (UV) light filtering technology that today's windows have. Look for windows that use low-E glass.

This glass lets the lowest amount of unwanted thermal energy from the sun into your home, filtering the light that enters your home. New door and window installation will save you several hundred dollars in energy costs every year.

Install A Programmable Thermostat

A digital, programmable thermostat can also save you a great deal on your energy costs every year. Standard thermostats can be inaccurate and can only be set manually.

However, programmable thermostats can be set from smart phones, tablets, and laptop computers from anywhere with internet access. Additionally, you can set your thermostat to adjust itself at certain times of day and intervals to run more efficiently.

In the winter, for example, you can set the temperature to lower when you leave your home for work during the day, and then to warm back up right before you get home. This will save you the trouble of setting it manually every day, and will ensure that you are using the system in the most energy efficient way possible.

Get New Appliances

When you move into your new home, take the opportunity to start over with your appliances as well. New models of stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators, washers and dryers can come with an Energy Star rating.

Energy Star is a government rating program that certifies products that are energy efficient. These products will save you money on your energy bills immediately. And the machines that use water are also designed to use less water than older models. So replace old or outdated appliances with new, energy efficient models.

If you take these steps soon after you move into your new home, you will be sure to conserve as much energy as possible. So, get started with a company like Welty Custom Exteriors, Inc, and see energy savings right away.   


28 January 2015

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