4 Tips For A More Efficient Street Sweeper

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Increasing the amount of air flow in your vacuum sweeper can make it more efficient. A more efficient sweeper can save on time and energy when it comes to cleaning up. Here are some tips on increasing your sweeper's efficiency.

Clear the Tubes

While street sweeping, your sweeper can suck up a wide range of debris, including mud and clay. As time passes, the debris can clog up the tubes and limit or eliminate the air flow through the tubes. As a result, your sweeper will run less efficiently.

To ensure you are getting the most effort from your sweeper, it is important that you periodically check the tubes for obstructions. Ideally, you should stop and clear the tubes every few hours since the more you work, the more debris is sucked up. 

At the end of each shift, ensure the sweeper is thoroughly washed out. Washing out the dirty tubes can take some time, but it is well worth the effort. 

Decrease the Speed

When you slow down the sweeper and take more time to complete a job, you allow the vacuum more time to clean the area. This helps to ensure that the area is clean without the need to continuously go over an area or increase the suction. Doing this helps to prolong the lifespan of your vacuuming system and also saves you the trouble of doubling back to get everything.

Repair Parts

No matter how well you take care of your sweeper, its parts will eventually wear down. When the parts are worn, the sweeper operates less efficiently and it can take more time to clean an area. 

Do not put off repairing parts that are worn or damaged. Not only will it help to ensure that your sweeper is running in good condition, but it can extend the life of your sweeper.

Seal Leaks

Your vacuuming system can experience the occasional leak. Leaks or small holes can cause the suction to be less forceful which means that less debris is sucked up.

Inspect your tubes and the rest of the vacuuming system periodically. Check for cracks, tears, and holes in the hopper, tubes, and the pickup head. You can sometimes hear air that is leaking out of the tubes by listening for whistling sounds. Repair the leaks as soon as possible.

An efficiently running sweeper can help you get the job done in a reasonable time and also keep your sweeper running in good condition. Take the time to inspect and rely on professionals (such as those from USA Services of Florida) when necessary.


12 January 2015

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