3 Steps To Follow Before Calling A Garage Door Repair-Person

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If you enjoy the safety and protection provided by your garage door, it can be a little intimidating to realize that, at least for now, your door is stuck in an up or down position. Although it would not be fun any time of the year, it is even worse during the winter, especially given the bitterly cold winter that has been seen throughout most of the United States in 2014/2015. Fortunately, it is easier than you thought to trouble-shoot the garage door, and the repair is frequently something that you can do without needing professional assistance.

Step #1-Do Any Of The Controls Work?

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best one. If the garage door moves at all without manual assistance, from the remote controls or the button on the wall, that tells you that the unit is able to move. Therefore, it is a good idea to look at the controls.

Try to change the batteries for fresh ones and check the connections that go to the unit on the wall. If the situation does not change, it is an opportunity to check the tracks that the door uses to move and visually verify that there is no blockage that could obstruct movement. If nothing changes, move to the next step. 

Step #2-Look at the Optical Sensors (Safely)

It is crucial to remember the weight of the garage door and that it can hurt or even kill an unwary person. As a result, before you touch any part of the garage door, its components or the rails it uses, turn off the electricity to the garage door to prevent injury. After that, the emergency release button should release the garage door. 

Next, look at the visual sensors and make sure that they are parallel to one another. In addition, wipe them down with a clean, damp cloth to be sure that they will function correctly. After turning the electricity to the door back on, see if the quick repair fixed the problem. If not, turn it back on and proceed to the next step.

Step#3-Lubricate The Door And Its Hinges

The third step that you should implement has been under debate over the years. Some people have achieved success with their garage door repairs by adjusting the tension rods of their garage door, but doing so is often very challenging. In addition, even a small error can result in serious injury. 

Therefore, it is safer to allow professionals to examine and change the tension for the garage door, after using lubricant devised for garage doors on the screw drives and the hinges. Only use the lubricant where the rod and wheel connect. If you still do not see an improvement, it is time to call a specialist for garage door repairs.

In conclusion, it is easy to take your garage door for granted. Although it is an inexpensive item, it does a surprising amount of work over the years. Fortunately, repairs can be a very affordable and in practically no time, your home, family and possessions will once again be guarded by your garage door.  


6 January 2015

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