How To Troubleshoot A Wall-Mounted Electric Heater


Wall-mounted electric heaters are convenient, effective and reliable heaters for your home. You probably have a separate unit in every major area of your home, letting you heat just one room at a time. While they are reliable and long-lasting, they may also need repairs occasionally. If you are having trouble with yours, the following tips can help you troubleshoot and repair the electric heater.

The Heater is Not Working

If the heater is not working at all, including hearing no fan turn on and getting no heat whatsoever, it can be due to a few different causes. There might be an issue with the fuse or circuit breaker, which are easy to check, or a disconnected wire that goes to the unit. In some cases, you aren't getting heat because of the thermostat being set incorrectly, but it is more likely that there is a defective heating element or some type of obstruction keeping the airflow from reaching you.

The Fan Doesn't Work

If the heater turns on, but you don't hear the fan working, it is probably from the wiring not connecting to the fan motor properly, the result of a bad switch, or obstruction of the fan blades. You might also be experiencing this issue because of a broken fan motor. A circuit breaker that as tripped or a fuse that is blown also causes this issue, along with the unit not working at all. Remove the cover to see if there are any obstructions or loose wiring. Call an HVAC professional if you are unable to figure out the cause.

There is No Heat, But Fan is Working

Another issue you might have with your electric heater is that while you hear the fan running, there is still no heat. The two main things that are wrong when this happens is having a loose or disconnected hire inside the heater, or due to an important heating element that is defective. In both cases, it is best that you call a professional. They will inspect your unit and make the proper repairs. If you decide to inspect it first, make sure the power source is turned off before you check the electrical wiring.

It Keeps Turning Off and On

This is a common problem that is relatively easy to check and fix. If your electric heater keeps turning off and on, it is probably due to a faulty thermostat or control switch. You'll need a heating repair company to help. The heater recognizes that the room is heated to the desired temperature, so it turns off. Since the room is actually colder than the unit thinks, it will then turn right back on. The other cause of it turning off and on is due to blocked airflow of the unit from dirt or debris.


2 January 2015

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