Advancements To Windows Make Replacement A Must

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Improving your home is one of the best investments you'll make as a homeowner. The more improvements you make to your home, the higher its value goes. The window industry evolves like technology, consistently offering new and improved home windows that help homeowners get the best bang for their buck, and the highest level of home protection. Over the past ten years, windows have advanced in ways that offer homeowners with more options, better protection, and even instant indoor privacy. Replacing your windows is more important than ever with these 3 advancements.

Reflective window coating repels heat

Low-e coatings, made from thin metallic material, are applied to a glass used to make home windows.  This shiny, durable, and heat resistant coating keeps the inside of your home significantly warmer and cooler than the first insulated glass windows, which used a buffer zone between two glass panels to reduce the loss of heat during the cold seasons. The new coating is called Low-e because it has the lowest level of emissions for home windows thus far. Additionally, the space between the two glass window panes is now filled with argon or cryptic gas, which offers better insulation.

Blocks outside lighting with the flick of a switch

New technology that will allow light to enter your home in varying degrees is undergoing research. With the flick of a switch, you'll be able to alternate between three windows settings. The different settings change the amount of light that comes through the windows, and the final setting blocks out light completely. The ability to block out light completely can eliminate the need for curtains and similar window coverings. Currently, you can use existing window technology with privacy glass. Privacy glass is the latest window revolution, and it helps block out the sun by adding a protective panel to your windows. Privacy glass reduces the amount of sunlight that enters your home, while new technology will eliminate light entirely. The new blocking technology will turn the window glass milky white for more indoor privacy. 

New construction extends window use

Windows aren't only advancing in terms of technology; they are becoming increasingly stronger.  Durability, thermal stability, and reliability are all improved from the latest advancements in design. The improvements made in window design now enable the glass to endure more heat absorption and water penetration without damage. While current windows stand up to high levels of wear for several years, the ultimate goal for researchers is to create a window that will last up to 20 years without repair.

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